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Junior Interior Designer, Melia Malmquist

Meet the team, Melia

“There are always exciting new opportunities and challenges to stretch my development."

 Junior Interior Designer, Melia Malmquist, spent 12 years in marketing, public relations and communications before retraining as an interior designer. After completing the HE Diploma at KLC School of Design in 2020, she undertook an internship at Nicola Harding & Co where she was quickly offered a permanent role.

Melia – whose values, ethos and aesthetics perfectly align with those of the studio – works across a mix of residential and hospitality projects. She enjoys the varied, layered and detailed nature of the work as well as the friendly and collaborative studio culture.

Nicola Harding

About Nicola Harding & Co.

Nicola Harding & Co is a London-based interior design studio that creates places, not spaces. Rich in atmosphere, our interiors are refined and reassuringly familiar, reflecting and serving the people that use them.

About Nicola Harding & Co