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The five components of a beautiful bedroom

The five components of a beautiful bedroom

Every bedroom our studio creates, whether in a home or hotel, is grounded in comfort, closeness to nature and that wonderful feeling of being welcomed. We achieve this through careful alchemy, considering the lighting scheme, choice of furniture, handcrafted details and layering of colour, texture and patterns. We asked our founder, Nix, to break down these essential ingredients, one by one, to reveal how you can make your bedroom into a sanctuary that feels like a luxury hotel.

Cosy Lighting

The bedroom is a private space for unwinding, clearing the mind and drifting off into a deep and peaceful sleep. For this reason, achieving the right lighting is paramount. The goal is to create an inviting atmosphere that draws you in.

“I would avoid having a pendant light in your bedroom,” begins Nix. “Here, we want to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere and pendants tend to wash the whole space in even and unforgiving light. By layering smaller low-level lights, we create softer, warmer and more dispersed pockets of illumination throughout the room that conjure a magical atmosphere.'

At NiX, we offer an array of lamps that can be used in the bedroom but one of our favourites is the Focused wall lamp. Pair it with one of our waxed brass or paper shades to create a gentle pool of warm light that can be angled and adjusted to wherever it is needed. Another great bedroom option is our dinky Ditsy lamp that won’t take up too much space on your nightstand.

Fairy Tale Bed

As the undisputed focal point of your bedroom, we believe that a bed is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a mini sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation that is well worth investing in. At Nicola Harding & Co, our preference is for four-posters. Four posters create an unrivalled feeling of escape and cosiness and work well in both small and large bedrooms, transforming what might otherwise be an underwhelming space into something incredibly special. Through NiX, we offer two different designs – Folly and Out for the Count – that can be dressed up or down. 

“You can dress them up to be grownup or playful or romantic depending on who you're catering to,” says Nix of our four posters. “You can add as much fabric as you like – for instance, you can just have some fabric hanging behind the headboard or you can have it all the way around. Use something really gauzy to create a light and airy feel, or you could use contrasting fabrics inside and out for a richer scheme.”

For instance, at a residential project we completed in Bath, we gave an airy bedroom at the front of the house a fairy-tale feel with a four-poster draped in natural linens while at the Mitre hotel in Hampton Court, we added a playful character to a simple four-poster bed frame with the addition of a canopy made from contrasting plain and patterned fabrics.

Smart Storage

When it comes to bedroom decor, effective bedroom storage is essential for maintaining a clutter-free and tranquil space. A good bedside table, chest of drawers and wardrobe will  not only provide practical organisation for unsightly clutter but also promote a sense of calm and relaxation conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Elevated above the floor on four legs, our Bits and Bobs bedside table features a neat cupboard compartment and interior shelf for hiding away messy wires, gadgets books, notepads or reading glasses. Similarly, Slumber is a generously sized, two-tiered table with a deep and discreet drawer for those items you want to tuck away. Its solid back hides messy sockets and cables and can also be used to push books and magazines up against.

After years of searching for the perfect chest of drawers, Nix designed Shipshape as the ultimate solution. With details that nod to the Arts and Crafts movement, ShipShape features three generously sized drawers and is available in natural oak or a beautiful sage green that works just as well in a dressing room as it does in a children’s bedroom.

Thoughtful Details

“When it comes to designing hotel bedrooms, I love to create spaces that take your breath away when you open the door, “ enthuses Nix. “I believe a hotel bedroom should feel thoughtful, generous, imaginative and exciting. It’s really important to pay close attention to details that make people feel special, from a considered drinks selection, an unexpectedly vibrant or patterned draw lining or a perfectly placed notepad.”

At The Rose in Deal we created eight distinct, characterful guest bedrooms with plenty of playful touches, from record players with vinyl collections to vintage sanitaryware in sugared almond shades for the bathrooms. Wherever possible, original fixtures and fittings were repaired and given new life rather than replaced.

Meanwhile, at the Beaverbrook Hotel, the 14 guest bedrooms are all named after famous London theatres. Each has its own eclectic collection of antique treasures and books with framed memorabilia and posters lining the walls. “It’s an approach that you can absolutely apply to your bedroom at home by integrating thoughtful, personal details that will bring you everyday moments of joy,” adds Nix.

Colour, Pattern & Texture

At Nicola Harding & Co, we are known for creating bedrooms that layer bold colours, playfully patterned wallpapers, handmade lampshades, original artworks and antiques. In our hotel projects, we like to create bedrooms that feel like a home-from-home but with an added sense of adventure and drama. When selecting colours and patterns for a residential bedroom – a space that clients use daily – we tend to dial the drama down a little to create a calmer palette.

For example, in the main bedroom at our Riverside House project, a bespoke Guinevere rug anchors a wooden chair from 8 Holland Street. We chose Pure & Original's 'Calm' for the walls, establishing a relaxing mood and showcasing the headboard in 'Charlton' charcoal blue corduroy from Tissus d'Hélène. The stool at the foot of the bed is in Peter Dunham Textiles' 'Mica' stripe, which picks up on the blues of the next-door Dressing Room. 

“The more contrast you have in your selection the more energy and dynamism you can create,” explains Nix. “For example, mix large, bold checks and stripes in contrasting colours for a scheme with more energy. If you don’t want things to be too lively or for there to be too much contrast between the fabrics, the trick is to play with different textures and tones,” she continues. “For example, if you had a blue bed linen, you could pair it with cushions in a combination of linens and velvets in different shades of blue to create a softer look that still has plenty of depth and texture.”

About Nicola Harding & Co.

About Nicola Harding & Co.

Nicola Harding & Co is a London-based interior design studio that creates places, not spaces. Rich in atmosphere, our interiors are refined and reassuringly familiar, reflecting and serving the people that use them.

About Nicola Harding & Co