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Interior Design Consultation

  • Nicola
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“You blew me away with your professionalism, enthusiasm, efficiency, perfectionism, and your immense style and grace. I always felt that we were working with the very best... and thank you for making it all so much fun.”

Nira Park

“'In addition to the wonderful sense of style Nicola brought, the functionality of our home has also been greatly enhanced. There is an enormous sense of relaxed fun about her ideas, which can so often be missing when design professionals are employed.”

Nick Gilpin

Nicola Harding & Co

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Consultation FAQs

NH&CO interior design consultations take place on Microsoft Teams or Zoom video calls. Before the scheduled consultation, you will receive a link via email to join the video call where you will be met by your selected interior designer in the team.

From there, you’ll be able to show your space (via Teams screen-share or over video), ask questions and get feedback/advice. There is no set structure for how you utilise your time; consultations are meant to be collaborative and tailored to your needs and taste.

Yes, we can do the one-to-one in person. We are very happy to host your consultation in our Queen's Park Studio.

There is a minimum booking of 2 hours for an in-person consultation in our Studio.

We prefer to do bookings using Teams or Zoom as we understand the technology and have accounts with each, so we minimise any technology issues that are frustrating for everyone.

The experience is better using the Microsoft Teams or the Zoom app but it isn’t necessary. As long as you have the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Safari installed, they will be able to support the meeting.

Preparation can be as minimal or thorough as a client feels is necessary to accomplish their goals from the consultation.

Generally, we suggest putting together a simple document or presentation that includes photos of the spaces you need help with any questions you’d like answered.

Some people also include inspiration images, furniture/decor being considered, or floor plans / drawings, etc.

We will send you everything via email to help you prepare properly for the meeting and that will allow you to ask any questions that you have.

Consultations happen over Microsoft Teams or Zoom video calls, so you’re able to show your space in real-time using the camera on the device you’re taking the call from.

Many find it easier and more efficient to gather photos of their space into a document, which you can email over beforehand. You can also review additional imagery using Team’s screen share feature

Our clients are normally pleasantly surprised with how much can be covered during a 1-hour consultation and come away from it feeling enlightened, energised, confident in the next steps to take, and full of new ideas for their space.

Our senior team are very experienced in helping clients to design spaces of all different shapes and sizes so they can get into the zone of a new space very quickly and are naturally very efficient with their advice.  

However, if you have more than one or two rooms that are under consideration and you need advice, then we recommend that you book either two or three hours.  Our booking team can help with this decision when you send in your enquiry. 

We try to ensure that your designer has time available after your booked time in case you feel like you need more time. 

They will let you know when the time is nearly up and discuss with you any next steps, whether you would like to continue the meeting beyond your booked time or arrange a follow-up meeting. 

If you are looking to source any items during your consultation, you can receive personalised item recommendations from your chosen designer during the call.  They can recommend pieces that are suitable for your space, style and budget. 

They can recommend both antiques and new items, including made-to-order products.  Their recommendations are not limited to NiX by Nicola Harding products and can be sourced from across the web to fit your specific needs.

We recommend having another device (laptop/phone/tablet) available where you can open all the relevant product tabs that are recommended to you during the call.

The fee for the designer’s time needs to be settled in full ahead of the booked time.  You will be sent an invoice with the initial booking time and the associated fee, along with details of how to pay.  

If you need more time than you have booked, then any additional hours will be invoiced to you retrospectively. 

For any NiX items that you decide that you would like following the consultation, we can offer a 15% discount.

Please use the Schedule a consultation form above and one of our booking team will be in touch to coordinate a time with you.

You may cancel or reschedule a Consultation up to 48 hours before the scheduled time of the Consultation for a full refund.

If you cancel or request reschedule less than 48 hours before your Consultation, you will be charged in full.