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Three lighting tricks to create atmosphere in your home

Three lighting tricks to create atmosphere in your home

In a recent interview with Homes and Gardens magazine, Nix has shared 9 lighting rules that will make your rooms ooze atmosphere.
In this blog post, we're sharing 3 top tips:

1. Create pools of light

'Create pools of light, rather than just blasting a whole room. To do this, you need multiple lights, with each lighting only a small area – rather than fewer lights that shine brightly across the whole space. This creates a layered and magical, inviting atmosphere.'

This could be anything from table lamps to placing wall lights correctly within a living room, for example.

'In one project, I hung adjustable height pendants over the kitchen table; when positioned low to the table they have a brilliantly dramatic effect. Then I created a comfortable spot next to the garden for someone to settle in and chat to whoever is cooking, adding a lamp to an antique plant stand and placing it next to the chair gives light at just the right height, any lower and the bulb might have caught your eye.'

A an office with a round wooden table, chairs and stools on the left, and a living room with 2 sofas and cushions on the right 

2. Light at different heights

'Play with light at different heights, as it creates a layered, dynamic effect. Use floor lamps as well as wall lights, picture lights and pendants.
Or place lights on different height tables or even sculpture or plant stands.'

A dining room with a table and chairs in front of a large window

3. Play with scale

'Use different scales of lamps and shades and have fun with a wide range of sizes of lamps; it keeps a room from being too formal and makes it feel dynamic.

'You can control the size of lamp by changing the scale of its shade, for example a tall shade can transform a small lamp to double its size. The diameter often has to stay the same but there is room for manoeuver with the height.'

A living room with a blue sofa armchair and ottoman in front of the fireplace

These are just 3 of Nix's top lighting rules for creating atmosphere in your home.
If you want to learn more, be sure to read the full article in Homes and Gardens magazine.

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What are your favourite lighting tips for creating atmosphere in your home?
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