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How to add colour to the bedroom with bedside tables

How to add colour to the bedroom with bedside tables

When it comes to bedroom decor, we tend to focus on the larger furniture pieces such as the bed, wardrobe or dresser. However, one often overlooked item that can truly elevate the ambience of your bedroom is the humble bedside table. By choosing a stylish table in a fun colour and adding suitable accessories you can bring some flair and character to this important room.


How to use colour in the bedroom


When designing bedrooms people often opt for neutral tones as this can help to achieve a safe and timeless look. Using colour in the bedroom immediately adds a sense of playfulness and personality to the space. Whether you opt for a bold red, a calming blue or a vibrant yellow, the choice of colour reflects your individual taste and can make a powerful statement.

At Nicola Harding & Co, we love colour and a bold bedside table is a great way to enliven your sleeping sanctuary. If your room features a predominantly neutral colour scheme, a brightly coloured bedside table can act as a focal point, catching the eye and creating visual interest. Conversely, if you have already incorporated vibrant colours into your bedroom, a complementary or contrasting bedside table can enhance the overall aesthetic.


Combining colours to create visual harmony


Having always struggled to find good bedside tables to include in her projects, for NiX, Nix has developed a series of stunning pieces in some of her favourite shades. The paint colours used throughout the NiX collection were selected to marry well with other features in the room, which Nix believes is crucial when you’re trying to build a cohesive design scheme.

“I don’t look at colours in isolation, always in combination,” she says. “It’s interesting when you’re choosing colours for a piece of furniture, you’re not necessarily looking for something that’s your favourite colour and that is going to do all the talking in the room, instead you need something that will complement the things around it.”


Painted furniture provides a versatile solution


The range of occasional furniture pieces designed for the NiX collection are informed by Nix’s lifelong fascination with antiques. She enjoys layering unique pieces against painted walls, wallpapers and upholstery to create intriguing combinations of tones and textures. In this context, painted furniture can be a good option as it sits very comfortably against different types of wood, including antique furniture.

“As someone who really enjoys collecting antique pieces, quite often I’ll find that I have a number of different timbers in a scheme,” she explains. “Sometimes it’s easier to marry those with a painted finish because it doesn’t clash and it leaves space for the wood to do its talking – it doesn't compete.”

 Painted Furniture and antique pieces as bedside tables for NiX by Nicola Harding


A few favourites from the new NiX collection


To demonstrate the range of furniture styles and colours featured in the NiX collection, we’ve picked out a few tables that are ideal for placing beside a bed. First up is Revive – a rectangular, two-tiered side table with plenty of space for stacking your favourite bedtime books. The design features four turned legs with rounded feet and decorative finials inspired by an antique Italian bedside table that Nix fell in love with. Choose from Cerulean Blue, Powder Blue and Deep Red if you’re looking to add a punchy accent to your bedroom.

Slumber is another elegant design with generous proportions that enhance its functionality. A solid back helps to hide any messy cables and sockets, while a discreet drawer is perfect for storing items you’d rather keep tucked away. Colour options including Sky Blue, Powder Blue, Berry Red and Blush Pink ensure there is a hue to suit any bedroom decor.

Lastly, the Spindle side table is one of Nix’s favourites from the NiX collection due to its versatility and the handy shelf that provides a practical place to keep a notebook or remote control. This playful piece is available in oiled or ebonised oak, as well as with a white painted finish that allows it to layer easily with more colourful items.

Whether you’re going all out for a maximalist bedroom or simply looking to introduce a pop of colour to brighten the most personal room in your home, these bedside tables will provide an eye-catching addition to the sleeping area. Add a lamp and some of your favourite decorative objects to create a dreamy scene that’s a joy to wake up to every day.

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