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How to style your home with houseplants

How to style your home with houseplants

Spring is just around the corner and to celebrate, we’ve teamed up with the online gardening website Crocus to create an edit of Nix’s favourite plants and pots from its wonderful collection. Our studio has often worked with Crocus over the years, using it as a go-to source for plants in many of our projects.


Why I love houseplants

I’ve been passionate about plants since my time as a garden designer when I was lucky enough to work with Arne Maynard. To my mind, plants are a crucial ingredient in creating a sense of place, inside and out.

Today, in all of my projects, I analyse the way a garden flows into a house and how the house spills out into the garden. I think about views and movement in and out of the house, often moving areas of planting or re-locating seating areas to unlock a sight line or open up the flow.

To help you select the right plants and pots for your space, I’ve jotted down my top ten tips and tricks for styling your home with houseplants. Read on to discover them all and let me know what you think. I hope you find them useful and that they serve as inspiration for you to have a go at creating your own indoor garden this spring.

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Embrace Diversity in Textures and Forms

For a visually interesting composition of plants, mix and match different textures and forms. For example, you could combine the bold, statement-making leaves of a Fiddle Leaf Fig with the delicate fronds of a Maidenhair Fern. The interplay of textures will add depth and character to your space. 


Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact

Consider the unique needs of each plant and strategically place them to thrive in their preferred conditions. I would suggest placing high-maintenance plants in well-lit areas and more resilient ones in corners with lower light. This not only ensures the well-being of your green companions but also optimises the visual impact of each plant. 


Elevate Your Space with Hanging Planters

Add an extra dimension to your space by incorporating hanging planters. For those of us who are short on surfacesfor display, this is a creative way to utilise vertical space and introduce an element of surprise to your interior. Cascading vines or lush greenery suspended from the ceiling can transform any room into a verdant oasis. 


Let Greenery Breathe Life into Your Decor

Integrate houseplants seamlessly into your decor by letting them breathe life into neglected spaces. By placing plants on shelves, side tables, and window sills you can effortlessly blend greenery with existing decor elements. This creates a cohesive look, bringing nature into every nook and cranny. 


Create Green Clusters

Plants, like many things, look better in a group. Clustering plants not only creates focal points in a space but also fosters an immersive green experience. Play with scale repeating up to three different varieties but at different sizes and different heights.

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Play with Shapes, Styles and Sizes

Mix and match pots of various shapes, sizes, and materials to add personality to your plant display. From sleek and modern lines to rustic and vintage textures, the right combination can create warmth and depth. 


Balance Height Variations

To achieve a visually pleasing arrangement, consider the height variations of your plants. For instance, I like to pair taller plants, like the elegant Snake Plant, with shorter varieties to create a well-balanced composition. This layering effect draws the eye across the different levels. 


Use Plants to Create Structure

Consider your houseplants as living sculptures or artworks that you can use to add drama or define different areas within a room. For instance, tall plants, like the elegant Dracaena, work wonderfully as natural dividers. This creates a sense of flow and separation, enhancing the overall structure and design of your living space. 


Mix In Statement Planters 

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your houseplants by choosing eye-catching planters that complement your decor. While I like to choose complementary colours and materials for plant pots, you can still make a statement with an ornate or large-scale design that draws the eye and serves as a beautiful punctuation mark within a scheme.


Select Plants with Purpose

Not only does Incorporating house plants into your home help to create a seamless link between the indoors and outdoors but it can also boost your indoor air quality and improve your mood. Certain plants,  such as the Spider Plant or Peace Lily, have particularly good air-purifying qualities. This not only enhances the ambience of a space but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment. 

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