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How to style your space with cushions

How to style your space with cushions

An easy way to give a room a lift, cushions add an injection of pattern and colour to the interior that you can dial up or down depending on how you want your space to feel. At Nicola Harding & Co, we are known for using them in abundance, whether they are piled onto a sofa or layered neatly onto a bed.

Read on to discover Nix’s top tips for using cushions to enliven your home.


Introducing NiX cushions

If you haven't discovered our cushions yet they let us introduce you; Handmade in the UK, the collection includes a wide variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics all designed to be mixed and matched. Choose from the square-shaped Kip in medium, large or extra large sizes, the rectangular Lollop in medium and large sizes or the Bask bolster shape. Like our upholstery, our cushions can be ordered in a selection of laid-back linens, sumptuous velvets or one of NiX’s exclusive checks and stripes.


Mix and match

At Nicola Harding & Co we like to create arrangements that aren’t too formal by using a variety of sizes and fabrics. “The more contrast you have in your selection the more energy and dynamism you can create,” says Nix. “For example, mix large, bold checks and stripes in contrasting colours for a scheme with more energy.”

“However, if you don’t want things to be too lively or for there to be too much contrast between the fabrics, the trick is to play with different textures and tones,” she continues. “For example, if you had a blue sofa, you could pair it with cushions in a combination of linens and velvets in different shades of blue to create a softer look that still has plenty of depth and texture.”


It’s all in the details

As we know, it’s the little touches that make the design. On the back of our envelope-style Kip and Lollop cushions, you’ll find our beautifully useful branded buttons with a pewter finish, while Bask features a beautiful blue NiX zip with a metal pull in a pewter finish. Every cushion comes with a sustainably sourced Scandinavian pad filled with 95% feather and 5% down, which feels extra luxurious.

“I like it when cushions are really squishy, almost like a pillow,” informs Nix. “We’ve been really careful with our choice of fillings to ensure that they’re extremely high quality and perfectly soft so you can sink into them.”


Throw out the rule book

At the end of the day, at Nicola Harding & Co, we believe rules are there to be broken. We invite you to play around with our collection, combining different shapes, sizes and fabrics until you arrive at a combination that works for you and your space. Or if you’re stuck for ideas, take inspiration from one our many home or hotel projects where we have plenty of examples. 

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