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Introducing our fabric collection

Introducing our fabric collection

This month, alongside our upholstery collection, I am so excited to introduce our collection of NiX fabrics. Inspired by my love of vintage utilitarian fabrics, our collection includes six beautifully useful checks and stripes accompanied by fifteen plain linens and sixteen plain velvets.

The inspiration

These classic ticking stripes, pinstripes and various-sized checks are designs that I have long regarded as the heroes of domestic life. They make a really wonderful understory to other things within an interior scheme and can all be mixed and matched with each other. 

Over the years, our studio has incorporated checked and striped fabrics into countless interior schemes as they are so wonderfully versatile. While florals or other intricate patterns can be quite visually demanding, something with a regular pattern – like a check or stripe – almost becomes like a plain fabric that can be used as a foil to other more elaborate pieces in the space. 


To accompany our checks and stripes, I have curated a selection of plain velvets and linens in a palette of carefully chosen colours to allow our customers to create both quiet and dramatic schemes using our fabrics. While our plain velvets and linens are carefully woven in Italy, our checks and stripes are woven in England from organic cotton and linen at a century-old weaving business in Lancashire. The craftspeople we work with have a vast wealth of knowledge, passion and skill, and we are proud to play our part in helping to preserve and promote this important and fragile part of our history. 

We wanted to make our fabrics as locally and sustainably as possible using organic fibres. Not only are natural fibres kinder to the planet, but they’re better for your health too. Synthetic materials often have toxins embedded in them that most people will be unaware of, such as the formaldehyde in flame-retardent finishes. All of our cotton and linen fabrics are made using organic fibres while our intelligent velvets are made from 60% recycled yarns.

Checks and stripes

Our NiX stripes include Regatta, a beautiful multi-stripe design based on the classic boating stripe. Evocative of English summertime, Regatta is woven from 100% organic cotton and is available in blue, charcoal grey or plum pink. Our timeless Ticking stripe fabric, available in classic denim blue or berry pink, is a beautiful and reliable choice that brings an easy ambience to the interior. Conjuring images of the British seaside, Slow Lane is an organic cotton and linen blend fabric featuring bold multi-stripes in either blue or marmalade pink colourways.

Neatly stacked rolls of high-quality Nix fabrics

Meanwhile, our checks include Square Deal, a beautiful traditional check fabric that combines blue and brown lines of colour. Our cheerful Checkmate fabric layers vibrant blue or berry pink tones into a classic check design while Well Plaid blends a classic blue check with a brown ticking stripe to create a pattern that recalls a classic country interior. 


To complete our offering, we’ve created a collection of cushions, which are a brilliant way to add personality and energy to a scheme; an injection of colour and pattern that you can dial up or down depending on how you want your space to feel. The more contrast you have in your selection the more energy and dynamism you can create. 

For example, mix large, bold checks and stripes in contrasting colours for a scheme with more energy. If you want something calmer, choose fabrics with less contrast and fewer variations - perhaps a mix of different shades of velvet in a similar colour palette mixed with a fine stripe.

A stack of stylish scatter cushions made from beautiful Nix fabrics

It’s been a joy to create this collection and I hope you have as much fun choosing a combination that works for your home as we have had designing it for you. Don’t forget to share pictures of your NiX products with us – we love nothing more than to see our designs making their way out into the world and discover how you’ve incorporated them into your homes.

Take Care,

Nicola Harding & Co

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