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Collection: Fabric by the Metre

Our intelligent velvet, which is soft and delicious, adds warmth to the environment.

It's made in Italy from 60% recycled yarns and comes in a variety of colours that have been carefully chosen to complement our NiX checks and stripes.

Intelligent velvet is a gorgeous but amazingly durable material that is stain-resistant and entirely washable.

Lamp Shade Ditsy Tall Tapered Dotty Sky Blue

In 2023 we launched NiX, a lifestyle brand that brings the studio’s design ethos and values to a wider audience.

NiX is born out of a deep understanding of how people live, and what makes a home come together. A reliable framework for everyday life, NiX is an effortlessly stylish, inspired collection of timeless homeware essentials. Designed for real life, elegant and built to last.

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