At Nicola Harding & Co we are focused on people and their experience of a space. We think the process of a project is as important as the finished result and we take the job of listening, understanding and looking after each client very seriously. We believe practical requirements are every bit as important as questions of style.

The careful consideration of place and personality results in whole-hearted projects – both commercial and residential – that feel as though they have evolved organically over time.

At Nicola Harding & Co, we make comfortable and atmospheric spaces that speak from the heart, to the heart. We create spaces that truly reflect and perfectly fit the people who use them. Each project is characterised by a thoughtful balance of the purposeful and playful, the relevant and relaxed.

The search for meaningful found pieces is integral to the practice’s wider commitment to sustainable design, a commitment which ensures sustainable options are explored and implemented at every stage of each project.