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Nicola Harding & Co

Our Story

NiX by Nicola Harding is a family-run lifestyle brand rooted in a deep understanding of what makes a house a home. Founded by interior designer Nicola Harding and her husband, Andy, the business launched in 2023 following 15 years of dreaming and planning.  ​

When Nicola and Andy married in 2008, their careers seemed worlds apart. Nicola was only just starting to build her award-winning interior design studio, Nicola Harding & Co., while Andy was forging a career as a multi-channel retailer, specialising in e-commerce and customer experience for big consumer brands such as Carphone Warehouse and House of Fraser.  ​​

Together, the pair dreamt of building a business that combined their complementary skills, shared values and passion for responsible and sustainable business. NiX by Nicola Harding is the realisation of this dream.​

Nicola Harding & Co

Based out of their Queen’s Park Studio, Nicola and Andy have brought together a team of world class talent to help deliver on their vision that homemaking can and should be a force for good.​

“We believe that home should provide a solid, dependable framework for everyday life. For the sake of future generations, we should consume responsibly; avoiding high fashion items that are likely to fall out of favour, instead take the long view, investing in well-made, practical things that have the potential to stay the course. ​

Our Purpose embodies our commitments to build a business in a sustainable way, creating a legacy that delivers positive outcomes for our community, our people, our partners, stakeholders and the environment.”

Nicola Harding & Co

NiX is a thoughtfully curated collection of homeware essentials – those hard-to-find components that effortlessly come together to make a house a home. Each NiX product combines the same level of design and quality of craftsmanship found in Nicola Harding & Co.'s bespoke residential projects with the rigour, durability and budget associated with the studio's commercial projects. ​

Encompassing furniture, upholstery, lighting and textiles, each NiX product is a piece that Nicola and her team struggled to find. NiX takes a “purpose first” approach informed by Nicola Harding & Co.'s bespoke residential and commercial projects and combines it with Andy’s background in developing world-class experiences that put the customer at the heart of everything. 

“Our products are born out of a deep understanding of how we live and how a home fits together. They are resilient, timeless designs that balance beauty and functionality.  We are also aware of our impact on people and the planet and our responsibility towards both is embedded in every decision we make and the service that we offer.”​

Nicola Harding & Co

Years of building exceptional antique collections for her private clients have honed Nicola’s eye for objects of the perfect shape, size, and scale. The aim with NiX is not to painstakingly replicate those finds but to “take the best bits” and reinterpret them, paring them back in the process. ​​

“We don’t necessarily want our products to be the shouty thing in the room.  We see each piece as the support, or scaffolding, that other things can be layered with. Each design is born out of a deep understanding of what makes a home come together and become a place where people feel comfortable with a deep sense of belonging.​

​We want each piece to be soulful in the atmosphere that it imbues, thoughtful in the needs that it answers, but also thoughtful in the way that it’s been made, the makers we work alongside, the way that it’s packaged and transported. We want to be able to put our hand on our heart and feel proud of what we’re doing. That is the priority.”

Nicola Harding & Co

Their collections of beautifully useful furniture, lighting and objects have evolved in response to requests from Nicola Harding & Co’s private clients for products and furnishings that either weren’t available, were in the wrong price bracket, or didn’t live up to their expectations; a side table of a particular scale, the perfect floor lamp or kitchen pendants that work just so. ​

NiX was created to bring these hard-to-find pieces to life.​

“We balance beauty and functionality so that each NiX design answers a need and ignites the imagination. Every piece is made to stand the test of time, be treasured and passed on. Each stylishly and reliably serves a practical purpose.”

Nicola Harding & Co

An embodiment of Nicola’s commitment to creating richly atmospheric spaces filled with colour and character, each piece is made in the UK & Europe by a network of skilled craftspeople using traditional techniques and responsibly-sourced materials. ​

These slow-crafted pieces serve as a framework for everyday life, designed to be well-used and well-loved for years to come.​

“We nurture craftsmanship and make it accessible, disregarding trends in favour of quality, integrity and sustainability. ​

We put our customers at the heart of everything that we do and strive to make our pieces an affordable investment, designed to last and evolve with our customer’s changing needs.”

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